This week we won’t talk but just some words.

I’d loved to drawing, scetching, and painting. All of the things I make comes from what I see and what I think about it. If I may say,

your environment is your inspiration 🙂

A couple days ago I found this awesome photograph of someone I don’t know who. It’s quite simple as an object, which is just exist of a vehicle that will just find in Java Island of Indonesia : becak. Pedalled by a strong man to take his passangers somewhere. Most of them (the men) are not that strong physically, but the most strongest they have is their spirit of life. Pedalling the “becak” to get the money for their family from the cold air of morning, through the hot and dry noon, until find the cold air for twice in a day on the evening, maybe until midnight comes if they haven’t get enough money.
For people, some of them, couldn’t get any “meaning” from this picture. But some who had know the fight of Becak’s men for life, mean this as a meaningful object 🙂

-learn life from file-
This is me, I’ll see you when I wanna see you 😉

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