Psychologists gate around together ….

August 21st-24th, 2013 from Yogyakarta, Indonesia


It is a big honour for me and my friends for joining a great conference of psychologist. It is the 10th binniel conference of Asian Association for Social Psychologist, which is Gadjah Mada University choosen as the homebase of Indonesia.

Maybe people who had already be the expert about psychology had attended the events such as this one few times. But for us who felt this thing as the first time seems so excited. We can’t close our eyes before reaching out what had made us curious by. and it is ALL. the experiments from any countries are so interesting, beside the various of their culture, habit, and belief, it is also about the way we respect one another. No matter how high your knowledge is, no matter how old you are, what people know is a diamond that given to you, and they have their right to get your appreciation.

As a beginner, I, personally, was so proud to announce our (my team) research. We had to have a presentation by showing the poster. Quiet simple, but logically true. Lot of things to be revised, but so far we could explain our purpose until our conclusion of the research. Thank you, my new friends, for coming to see our poster. It was such a pleasure, too, to see what you have done for your researches. 🙂


This is my words : in other time I will be there again with my big project for the better world.

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