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The International Seminar in Psychology’s World : “EMPOWERING LOCAL LEADERS FOR SOCIAL ACTION”.

A good moves come from leader’s power



This is the first international seminar that will be held in my campus. Psychology is HUGE, if I may say. You can drop it in any places, because something good in somewhere places are impacted by the subject’s mental. Leadership, for example. Can you find any challenges for your success life if you have no power in your self? Well, the leadership’s lessons started from family and environment which are the local area of a person. By developing those learning time, we could make a terrific social action for the world.

Many other sides will be explained more in this HUGE event. You can see more information in the official website in here or maybe by responding my posting 😉

I bet you are not disappointed to attend this event. See you there! 🙂

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Creative autotune’s Voice

Hi there readers! It’s been so long haven’t great you here. Well I’ve passed my 4th semester and recharge a new energy for the rest semester in a last-peaceful holiday.
I spend the begining of this holiday in another town and find many creative things from Mr.Google. and Ms. You-Tube.
Do you know Emma Robbinson? A You-Tube’s artist who could sing with a natural autotunes. If you see the big artists like T-Pain and others have to make some editing program to have that voice, she’s not. Check it out 🙂

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