Scraps of Creation and Resolution


B R A V E : any idea? Maybe some of you guys could explain what is the relation between creation&resolution with BRAVE?


I would tell you, but not now. I make a creation that is related with our habitat, and


indirectly fill the resolution I made before to do this year..

For now, just enjoy your BRAVE and these hands first 😉 There are two hands who had a few of lands on it, pretend to be the pondation of the two different things each of them. One has a plant on the land, while the other one had a miniature of earth. Beside the things that carry on the hands, another point we could analyst about is the hands itself. Have you know who is the owner of the hands? A children/an oldman/a workaholic/a shopaholic/a farmer/a lady/a student/a teenager? Sure you could see from the skin of it (wrinkled/smooth/shiny/darker/etc).

So, any point you find already? The whole conversation will be uploaded soon. Have a good observation 😉

-the writer-




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