Steps forward to the new year of 2013, and steps backward to the past years of 2012, 2011, and other previous years.

It’s not a little part of moslems said that January 1st isn’t ours. Well, if we face it by religion, it is. But acoording to the periode of semester in the college ended on December, so it isn’t a fault if we make a new list of new resolutions started from January 1st, right? 🙂

So here it is. Do you know how important the NEW RESOLUTION is? Yes, it is NOT for others, it is TOTALLY just for yourself. Some say that it’s too wasting times when you write the idea of your action-will-be, they prefer to keep it in their mind and heart. Well, it works, but just for a while. Don’t you remember that we are human who able to forget any things in any times? A wise man had told me before :

“You are human. Write down your idea each time you remember and plan it before you forget them,”

and for the next year, which is started tomorrow (even a couple hours from now), I, personally, have made a list of some plans for myself. I don’t know how far will I could reach them, but I promise to try as hard as I can to make those happen 🙂

  1. Joining an external organization : beside to increase my experience for future, it’s to support our PSYCHOLOGY’s campus being a faculty, soon 🙂
  2. Working as an internship employee : as an experience to face the real-job’s world.
  3. Get a scholarship.
  4. Make an experiment of psychology.
  5. Wining competitions of writing.
  6. Long-march
  7. Donors the bloods.
  8. Save more money.
  9. Write down the income-outcome.
  10. Re-data the administrations of organization that have been my responsibility tidy.
  11. Study harder, Learn harder, Practice harder.
  12. Long-Walking min. twice a week.
  13. Touchdown home min. once a month.

There’re many more, but let’s focus on in. For addition, the far-periode-resolution is : TOUCHDOWN PARIS! Let see how fast and how hard that list above could usher me to the far-periode-resolution 😉 and I need your pray, too, guys! Without supports, the works are nothing :*

Riestyane Yandri.


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