Yogyakarta, The Background of My Way

Have you ever been to Yogyakarta? Well you should have to, if I may say. Besides promote this extraordinary city, you will learn many super great from here, if you could learn for sure.


Yogyakarta, was born on October 7th 1756. Yup, just in a few couple days ago we celebrate its birthday. This student-culture-neverendingAsia city has been making people had much things to learn. Knowledges, art, politic, religion, and behavior, are completely complete in here. Where else you could find a place which is could have good educations for students; glorious art of painting, music, dance, literature, and drama; dualism politic between Kraton Kingdom and a part of Republic Indonesia; have a strong and active religious organization (Islam, especially); and various personality from each person inside.

Once, I was standing on the Malioboro Street, the most crowded street in Yogyakarta. I would like to cross the street to go to a mosque for praying Dzuhur. It was noon, and my shadow is soooo clear on the street. I could see so sure that my shadow sit in site with the shadow of street’s lamp beside me. After pressed the buttons to stop the vehicles, I spended a few seconds to take a picture of my shadow. It doesn’t mean that I am narcistic, but each time I see that picture, each time I realize how glorious the city in my mind. Not just for placing, but for growing and giving many things.


Shadow of Us

4 years in Yogyakarta doesn’t make me feel boring as a comer. But then 1 year and few years after, I have to be familiar with this board :


Stasiun Tugu Yogyakarta

Welcome, to Yogyakarta (:


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