Psychology in Love

Once you`re in, you`re in

That is a good sentence to show you how lucky you are if you are in the territorial area of psyche. Psyche, is defined as soul, being so complicated than what you see as its frame. Have you ever imagine that one day you could see one of someone’s behavior by looking at her walk? Have you ever think that what your parents did to you on your childhood effect your habits in this time? Well I haven`t, until I truely found my self standing among people who have many talented, and indirectly the stimulus of mind is getting higher watching them so powerful to find many special things in life. They are my friends and my family.

The more you know your self, the more you love your people. Althought I had just follow this world (Study of Psychology) since a year ago, I wanna share you a thing, no, much things that I got and wanna get. Just follow my adventure. May you have a glorious moment 🙂


2 thoughts on “Psychology in Love

  1. Isti says:

    “The more you know your self, the more you love your people” –> like this b^^d
    yeah…i will follow your adventure on psychology

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